The Roll of Your Website

Have you ever wondered about the impact of a website in your customer’s eyes? We think that if you don’t have a professional website, all of the efforts invested in SEO, PPC and Social Media strategies will not have the same impact as if it looks professional.

Nowadays, almost anyone can put a website together for $200 or even less. You can build your own website using CMS software’s “Content Management Systems.” These content management systems’ main purpose is to build professional blogs using your own domain name as your blog instead of using someone else’s domain with your extension.

Because of its simplicity (no coding required) and affordability, a lot of people and entrepreneurs started using this software or CMS to design and sell websites at a very low cost. Why the low cost? Because the CMS offers you templates, extensions and many other options to create a modern and professional website in no time.

Four Reasons to Invest on a Professional Website
    • 1 Custom-made website
    • 2 Better for SEO and new technologies.
    • 3 If you compare apples to apples, in the long run it may cost you almost the same as a coded website. Extensions and layout cost for the CMS.
  • 3 Some CMS extensions can harm your site without you even knowing it. Your site can be infected by a virus or SPAM from a third-party extension.
As we previously said, a CMS should only be used for blogs. You can use a CMS separately for your blog.
Two Professional Website Options

A professional website means that everything will be hand-coded and custom-made. You can choose two different kinds of websites:

    • 1 A regular website for your business (to have a web presence)
    • 2 An optimized website to get new clients
If you are planning to get more clients from search engines, we suggest that you choose the optimized site. It will cost you more, but you will sell more. On the other hand, if you build just a regular site and you want to optimize it later, it can cost you even more or give you less impact.
No matter who is building your website, it is important that you should know what technique will be used to build it. Each different coding technology can harm or help your site. They should explain to you what the technique will be used and why (HTML, Flash, Java, CSS, tables, PHP, etc.)
SEO = Great Web Design
You have to consider the design and look of your site. This will affect how much time your customers spent on your site. You can have the best SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns, but if your site looks old or unprofessional and doesn’t connect to your brand and strategy, you will be putting at risk your potential clients.


Why? Think of your website as a store. Would you like to be a Best Buy store or your local technology cheap store? Now think, if both stores offer the same products at the same price, where would you buy? Would you pay a little more at the Best Buy Store?